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REEWAY is not only an innovation in style but also stands out thanks to its optimal comfort. In fact, our shoes are handmade in Portugal with quality materials to combine flexibility and comfort, thanks to a cushioned foam insole, high quality leather from Portugal and a flexible rubber stitched sole. The skins canvas is 100% Nylon textile that is water resistant.
A nice pair of sneakers can cost over $100 a pair. Stop spending a fortune and start saving with REEWAY. Once you get your first pair of bases, you can create new combinations by getting new skins at 30$ and, as you increase your collection, you decrease your cost per sneaker!

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38 reviews for WHITE SHOES

  1. Benjamin

    In love with my reeway’s. The quality is great and i’m matching my outfits so easily. Life changer !

  2. Rosy

    Great quality. I feel good in my new shoes

  3. Oriana

    I bought my reeway’s shoes few months ago, I bought also different colors and I think that the concept is so great. I can match my outfit every day ! I can’t take them off my feet 🙂

  4. Issam

    Excellente chaussure ! Très confortable et agréable à porter en plus du choix illimité de couleur possible ! Plus besoin d’acheter plusieurs pairs de chaussure avec Reeway !

  5. Hugo

    J’ai reçu mes reeway l’été dernier .. et franchement la folie !🔥
    Les finitions sont propre et de qualité, le concept et juste ouf, on peut vraiment adapter son style quand on veut avec les skins interchangeables !
    Vraiment ravi de mon achat. Je recommande !

  6. Simon

    These shoes are awesome! The leather is very high quality and the skins are great vibrant colours.

  7. Jack Lucier

    Top of the line quality and style. The interchangeability makes it so easy to match any outfit. No doubt my new favorite kicks🔥

  8. Jack E

    So good I bought 2 pairs and I have multiple skins.
    Great quality that will last a long time, whether I’m watching the game or in a meeting I always have my REEWAYS on!

  9. Jack K

    I am in love with my Reeways. I wear them to every event no matter the occasion. My family loves to go out matching in our Reeways because we can wear different colors or match. I would highly recommend picking up a pair!

  10. Thomas Valvo

    Love the shoes, great quality and well designed. Being able to play around with all the different colored straps to change up my look is my favorite part.

  11. qdicharry

    Chaussures incroyablement bien faites, avec un confort à la hauteur du concept : exceptionnel!!

    Reeway est sans aucun doute une chaussure qui regarde vers l’avenir et qui va permettre à tout le monde de pouvoir accorder son style avec du respect pour l’écologie.

    Je recommande!!

  12. Andrew Jensen

    I bought my Reeways a few months ago and I still wear them almost every day. I got the maroon and white color straps. I’m able to make them match with just about any outfit. They’re comfortable and they hold up well. This concept is going to keep saving me money long-term.

  13. Julien

    I got the white pair and I love them. They are super comfortable and the interchangeable skins is a big plus for matching with my clothes. The shoe itself is also very cool and super easy to clean simply with water and a paper towel. Great concept!

  14. Grace M

    Really nice quality and super cute!!! I love that I can switch the skins for whatever best matches my outfit. I got these as a gift but I would’ve bought them myself if he hadn’t beaten me to it! Highly recommend!!

  15. Gabriel

    J’ai reçu ma paire ! J’en suis ravit… Je suis accordé à mes vêtement sans avoir 3 paires différents… Et la qualité et vraiment top ! Merci Reeway

  16. Elisa Picaud

    Super confortable, orignal.
    Le top !!

  17. Edouard

    J’ai acheté ma paire il y a quelques temps, je les porte régulièrement. Un confort et une résistance épatante ! Le changement de skin est très simple. Fier de mes REEWAY !

  18. Yannick Picaud

    Yan P
    Super concept. J adore ces chaussures alliant confort et élégance. C est reeway se marie avec tous les styles.
    A avoir absolument !!!!
    Le concepteur a du talent. Il a de qui tenir…

  19. Sandrine arrouays

    Super concept! Chaussures de qualité et super confortables!!!

  20. Fanny D.

    J’ai bien aimé le concept, et je ne suis pas déçue : très bonne qualité du cuir, en passant par les doublures, et les skins! La pointure est exacte, la chaussure est très confortable, je change souvent de skins au gré de mes envies vestimentaires. Je recommande vivement!

  21. Iris Cottrau-Lejeune

    Je recommande vivement les chaussures Reeway. Je les aies en cuir blanc et il est de très bonne qualité. Le concept de skins est très sympa et participe également à la transition écologique. On a hâte de voir les nouveautés!!

  22. Kelly Bick

    Love my Reeways! They are comfortable, stylish, and I can match them with anything. It’s a great shoe to bring for travel. Pick your outfits throw in your matching skins and you’re ready for anything!

  23. PJ

    Love these! I get so many compliments whenever I wear them to the bars.

  24. Genevieve Bianco

    Love the quality and the versatility of my Reeway shoes. I can use them when I dress up or down, with a nice outfit or casual. I enjoy changing the colors of the skins based on my mood or what I want to wear. Fun shoes! Great concept!

  25. Grégoire Van Lith

    Qualité au top ! Concept juste incroyable, avoir la possibilité de switcher les couleurs pour être en accord avec la tenue du jour ! Chaussures qui tiennent vraiment bien avec le temps, toujours au top !
    Ma petite sœur en a également et en est ravie, elles ont leur succès dans la cour de récréation 😉

  26. Reilly Sheahan

    These shoes are great! It is the only shoe that I have that I can wear with any outfit. Not only are they very stylish but they also are extremely comfortable. I have recommended this shoe to all my friends and I cant wait until everyone else knows about this great product!

  27. Tanya

    Absolutely LOVE my Reeway shoes ! So unbelievably comfortable and versatile. I just change them to match what I am wearing. Always get compliments.

  28. Susan

    Love my Reeways. So comfortable to wear and I love being able to change colors when I want to. I get compliments every time I wear them to work. I am going to buy more skins so I can wear them with more outfits.

  29. GM

    Reeway is the right way! You can’t beat the quality and value. My friends constantly compliment them and ask how they can get a pair.

    You can dress them up or dress em down. Thank you Reeway!

  30. Eric

    I love traveling and my reeway’s make life so much easier. I save so much space in my suitcase with just one shoe but can wear them in so many different ways. Great quality and great idea. Definitely recommend these

  31. Claire

    My REEWAY’s are so cool. I go from leopard to other colors in the blink of an eye and can style my shoes accordingly to my outfits. On top of the colors able to change they are so comfy. So happy with my purchase

  32. Alfredo Rampino

    Simply fantastic! The thing that prompted me to buy them is their versatility and since I travel a lot they are real lifesavers for when you have limited space in your suitcase. They are also made with an excellent material that is quite easy to clean. One flaw (but it’s mostly my fault) is that it’s a bit difficult to change the skins as I always struggle a little with the Velcro. Still, it was a really good buy. Highly recommended

  33. Whitney Rhoads

    I’m 58 and love fashion! I wear my shoes with everything from jeans to dresses and always feel on trend. I’m as impressed with the quality as I am with the style.

  34. Olivia

    In love with these ! I have been wearing them everyday since I purchased them. The leather is so easy to clean and then I just bought new skins to add colors to my collection ! Great idea would definitely recommend

  35. Mackenzie

    I’m obsessed with my REEWAY shoes! Packed them for a weekend getaway and they were so comfortable to walk in around all day. Love that I could complete two different looks just by switching my skins (leopard is my favorite). Definitely recommend!

  36. Tânia Ribeiro

    I really love the shoes, they are so comfortable and very very pretty also.

  37. Patrick Sullivan

    I love my new shoes, they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. You can completely tell that they manufactured with thought and care. And not like the mass produced brands I am accustomed to. Also, I love that I am able to have options of colors. One pair, that can transform into several different colors. It feels great knowing I don’t have to buy another set for color aesthetic reasons, while at the same time eliminating waste and becoming more sustainable without sacrificing style. I am glad to have joined the Reeway movement!

  38. Fatima

    Adorei os ténis!! A sua originalidade, pela qualidade da sua confecção que é o que gera conforto.
    Tem uma boa relação preço qualidade , e são claro girissimos 😻😍🇵🇹🇵🇹

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