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Design and creative sneaker, REEWAY has inherited the spirit of its creator, Benjamin Martinez. Graduated from a bachelor graphic designer degree in France, it is however on the other side of the Atlantic that Benjamin Martinez was born. Creative and innovative, the young Franco-American used his graphic skills and his taste for sneakers to start REEWAY. Arriving in France about ten years ago, Benjamin wanted to emphasize European quality without distorting himself : thought and designed in France, REEWAY is well destined to be in American time. In addition to its avant-garde aspect, REEWAY creates a bridge between two territories with closely linked histories.

Now it’s your turn to build your own history: 

Put on your pair of REEWAY’s, write and rewrite your story over and over again.

For every moment, for every event.

In one single movement.



Reeway – Reinvent yourself

Knowing how to adapt my style in all circumstances has always been natural for me. Knowing how to adapt to events, trends, changes that shape our lives. Knowing how to adapt to stand out and differentiate myself.

But REEWAY is not just a brand of interchangeable sneakers. It is also a concept of life, my concept of life.

The creation of REEWAY is intimately linked to my life and my experiences, especially my relationship with my father.

My father died of sun-induced melanoma cancer, which attacks your skin and then spreads to the whole body.

If I had had the chance to give him a completely new skin to cure this cancer, I would have done so.

That’s the real story behind our interchangeable sneakers and our brand.

We want to give your sneakers a second skin, a new essence, a new life every time you want to change your style, an interchangeable sneaker. A second skin to constantly set you apart, differentiate yourself and offer yourself a new moment of life, constantly.

We have applied this wish to your interchangeable sneakers, but not only: it applies to your life and the experiences you will live, REEWAY’s on your feet.

Life is too short not to dare to create new pieces every day.

REEWAY gives you that chance. With your REEWAY, you are free to create and recreate your own style and lifestyle over and over again : that’s the message we want to deliver.

Our first palette of 12 colors gives you the opportunity to create 78 styles, 78 ways to fit your life. And that’s just the beginning.

“There’s nothing more addictive in life than having the power to reinvent yourself every day. Dare to be you, dare to be different, dare to reinvent yourself. »


Reinventing yourself must be part of every individual’s journey. Asserting yourself, assuming yourself, standing out, this is precisely what defines freedom. And to wear REEWAY is to be free.

To be free to assume your choices, your originality and authenticity. To be free to reinvent yourself, to reincarnate, to renew yourself, to claim your personality.

By offering a second skin to your sneakers, you create a new moment of life. A second skin to constantly differentiate, rethink and reveal yourself. Cover to rediscover yourself.

To shape and reform, create and recreate your style and lifestyle to infinity. Adapt yourself and no longer suffer the course of your life: reverse it. In one movement.


In response to current trends, REEWAY respects the environment and your money.

With REEWAY, treat yourself to 1 single pair of sneakers and only 1 pair of sneakers: in a society where production and consumables have never been so important, especially in the world of sneakers, we offer an alternative to consume better with our interchangeable vision.

No need to have the last pair on your feet as soon as it comes out : own just one and model it as much as you want thanks to our colored skins grafted onto your REEWAY’s.

REEWAY adopts the slow fashion and therefore brings the way of a change : the one that will lead you to a more economical and ecological way of life.

By spending less and better, we are also preserving our future.